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Make New Friends while Travelling Edinburgh, Scotland!

Couchsurfing is popular for travellers who want to sleep on someones couch (and for hosts who like meeting travellers on their couch!). But you can also use it if travelling and you want to meet up with people. It can be a great source of meetups and finding like-minded...

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Community still comfy with CouchSurfing

Tom Dibblee moved to Paris in 2009 without a place to live. It was in his nature, he said, to make those drastic moves, to jump ship from America and touch down in the City of Love and Lights with a thin wallet and a plan to figure it all out on the fly. He made it w...

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Couchsurfing – Staying Overnight with Locals

This is my favourite way for stay! There is nothing better, more fun and interesting than being a guest in a local resident’s home, or immigrant, who has been living in a rental property recently, for instance – in Paris. This way of cheap accommodation can be pract...

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Meet the person of your dreams without having to try so hard

Single life can be stressful especially when you see so many happy couples around you enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes you might get lonely and think that maybe you will never meet guys who come even close to being the right one. But maybe you are passing up y...

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February 1, 2017
Social Events

Recommended Friday nights in Edinburgh. Work is over for another week so it's time to paint the town red! Whether you want a big night out in Edinburgh and fancy trying a super club or something a bit smaller, our list below gives you some tips on the best places to go ...

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1. Go to social events Whether you're looking for partners in crime on social nights or new friends at the weekend, you will meet fab, friendly people from all walks of life. If you like comedy, dancing, free trips or if you want to Learn New Skills or like the idea of...

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Edinburgh Social Club

Friday Night Social Society host a weekly basis networking events in Edinburgh, weekly networking events at The Library Bar | Teviot Row House. We host Edinburgh’s largest networking events. There is also a number of business networking clubs and social networki...

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