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Make New Friends while Travelling Edinburgh, Scotland!

Couchsurfing is popular for travellers who want to sleep on someones couch (and for hosts who like meeting travellers on their couch!). But you can also use it if travelling and you want to meet up with people. It can be a great source of meetups and finding like-minded...

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Couchsurfing – Staying Overnight with Locals

This is my favourite way for stay! There is nothing better, more fun and interesting than being a guest in a local resident’s home, or immigrant, who has been living in a rental property recently, for instance – in Paris. This way of cheap accommodation can be pract...

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Meet the person of your dreams without having to try so hard

Single life can be stressful especially when you see so many happy couples around you enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes you might get lonely and think that maybe you will never meet guys who come even close to being the right one. But maybe you are passing up y...

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